Nebesa: the West refused to promote its draft resolution on Syria

Nebesa: the West refused to promote its draft resolution on Syria

TASS, 1 June. Western countries refused to promote the UN Security Council its draft resolution, which covers all three aspects of the Syrian settlement – the political process, humanitarian situation and the chemical disarmament of the country. This was stated to journalists on Friday, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia at a press conference on the occasion of the beginning of Russia’s presidency in the security Council.

“At the moment, it [the draft resolution] no one promotes. Mentioned him, but he never even semi-formal was not considered. I don’t think now is the right time for adoption of such a resolution, and I think my colleagues at some time agreed with me,” said the diplomat.


The agreement on the disengagement of troops

Nebenzia also noted that the agreement on the disengagement of troops in the South-West of Syria has been achieved and will be implemented in the near future.

“I heard the news about it, have seen reports in the press about the agreement reached about a particular separation [of forces] in the South-West of Syria. As I understand it, the agreement was reached. Whether it has already been done, I can’t say, but, as I understand it, the parties who worked on the agreement are satisfied with it. If this has not been done to date, it will be done in the near future,” the diplomat said.

On 31 may, the Israeli Ambassador to Moscow, Harry Koren said in an interview with TASS that the Jewish authorities are satisfied with the position of Russia regarding the Iranian military presence on the Syrian-Israeli border. According to him, Israel and Russia are engaged in intensive discussions concerning, first of all, the Iranian military presence in Syria, which is “aimed against Israel.”

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier that the agreement on the South area of de-escalation in Syria stipulate that on the border with Israel should remain only the Syrian troops. The Minister also reminded that the agreements reached in 2017, the agreements require the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the zone of de-escalation. In turn, the President of Syria Bashar Assad in interview to television channel RT this week stated that on the territory of his country does not “and never was” the Iranian troops.